Monday, July 26, 2010

Skater Basics

To skate, you will need:

Quad derby skates
Knee pads
Elbow pads
Wrist guards
Mouth guard

If you plan to skate outside, you will also want outdoor wheels, though indoor wheels have proven to be OK in the smooth concrete covered areas used for skate practices.

New skaters may be permitted two weeks of skating with non quad skates before quad skates are absolutely required. Once a potential skater has determined she will become a participant, she must be prepared to acquire quad skates. If there are questions regarding needing gear, please direct queries to the e-mail address as some gear might be available to borrow.

Your best resources are as follows:
  • Play It Again Sports offers a limited amount of gear and skates, there is not a range to choose from, so choose wisely.
  • Sequence Skate Shop offers some pads and helmets, hardware, and may soon carry outdoor wheels.
  • You may also order on the internet and we suggest Fast Girl Skates out of Seattle or Sin City Skates out of Las Vegas, both shops owned and operated by fellow Roller Girls.
  • Additionally, for pads and helmets, etc. some sufficient items can be found at Fred Meyer or Walmart, though the selection is limited.

The practice schedule can be found on our calendar:

Though things can change, so please be sure you have signed up for our e-mail list.

We have a lot of different levels of skaters from beginners who have never or rarely been on skates to women who are ready to scrimmage, show up whatever your level and keep a positive attitude!

We will be starting a newbie practice night for basic skills, look out for that!

Tell all your friends! The more the merrier!

Starting in August 2010, Juneau Roller Girls collects dues as follows:

$25 per month or $5 per practice up to $25.
Non skating potential participants may attend at no cost.
A new skater is permitted one free skate practice to encourage trying out Roller Derby.

There may be held specific skate practices with wider attendance, but general practices are open to skaters and potential skaters only.

Additionally, the board consists of the following women:
Joanna Reed: President
Katie Chapman: Vice President and Membership Chair
Shonda Belknap: Treasurer
April Rebert: Secretary and Facilities Committee Chair

Members at large:
Melissa Griffiths: Chair of Online Presence Committee
Rebecca Bartee
Shelley Lager

Further, as we add new committees, chairs need not be board members.

Sabrina Bracher: Chair of Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee

Your friendly captains are Jeanne Crochet (AKA Jean Claude Hot Damn) and Shonda Belknap

Please direct inquiries or comments to the e-mail address:
Juneau.Rollergirls (at) gmail (dot) com

To add yourself to the mailing list, please sign up using the form posted below.